Self Publishing

I chose to self publish Final Goodbyes, I did look at a few literary agents that takes thriller books, but I decided against trying. Part of was probably the fear of rejection, I can only imagine how hard it must be for authors who again and again receive a rejection letter. I felt certain that I would receive those letters, finding a literary agents is hard these days, for a first time writer, you really have to have something extraordinary to make it. Even if you do manage to find an agent, there is no guarantee the book will be published, and it will be a long process where you lose a lot of creative rights. So I knew straight off that I wanted to self publish, and that I wanted to do it with Kindle Direct Publishing. I’m the very happy owner of a Kindle myself, and Amazon is the biggest market for eBooks. The process is relatively simple, you can find all the information on the website. I do suggest you read the parts about formatting your book before you start writing, I only did afterwards, and it took me a while to change the formatting of my existing Word document.

Try to convenience a friend to read through your manuscript, they will catch some spelling errors and grammatical mistake you didn’t catch yourself. There are a lot of services who offer editing, Kindle Direct Publishing have link for one of the services on their site. I was lucky, I have a very good friend who had written articles and edited one other book in the past, and I had her do my editing. I’m sure there are benefits to having a professional editor help you, it just comes down to how much money you are willing to spend on getting published.

The cover of your book is one of the very important parts of the publishing, although we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we all do. You need something that looks professional and enticing.  I used 99designs, it is a website where you can run design contests. They do all kinds of designs, including book covers. You write up a brief describing what you are looking for, remember to be very specific. Then you choose a packages, meaning how much you want to pay and what kind of services you would get. I chose the cheapest packages, 189 euros, and my contest ran for six days. I got over 40 different covers, most of them really amazing, and got to chose six that I wanted to work with to tweak their designs so they would work for me. I’m very happy with the cover that I ended up with, and I enjoyed being part of the process, something you wouldn’t get to do if you published traditionally.

Final Goodbyes FINAL e-book cover