About the author

Hi there everyone.

A quick introduction about who I am – because I really don’t like writing about myself. I’m female, my name doesn’t necessarily give that away depending on which language you speak. I’m 34 years old, and I feel pretty comfortable being in my mid-thirties, it is really not too bad.

I was born and raised in Denmark, that is the little country just north of Germany, the one that has Copenhagen. There always seems to be a lot of people who think Danish have something to do with Amsterdam, but no, that is another little country next to Germany, The Netherlands. I understand the confusion, both countries are flat and the people there love bicycles, liqourice and herring, but still, please don’t email me your questions about Amsterdam!

I have a bachelor degree in International Business Communications. I didn’t know what to study, so I chose the broadest, most non-descriptive education I could find in the language and communication department, and was bored out of my mind for three years. But heh, education is always good, and I’m happy I have a degree.

Not that I have used my degree for anything much, not yet anyway. I have spend the past 8 years working as a stewardess on yachts, you know those big white boats sitting in the marinas of Monaco, Miami, St Martin and places like that. Sounds fancy? I’m sure owing one is fancy, holidaying on one sounds pretty swanky as well. I clean them. Less fancy. Just the inside, so I don’t even always get to enjoy the beautiful views and the sunny exotic skies. I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, I have always loved the hospitality industry, and I get to travel while working in a seven star service environment, it is really not too bad. While cleaning, doing laundry, serving meals and panicking over the lack of the only kind of soft drink in the whole world this billionaire will drink but forgot to tell us about and now we are in the middle of the Caribbean and there is only pineapples in the shops, nothing but pineapples, I managed to write a book. So now I guess you can call me an author… I’m not going to call myself that, it just sounds pompous, but I’m more than happy for all of you to call me that.

If you have any comments, questions, or critique, please feel free to contact me at: Finalgoodbyesauthor@hotmail.com