The Actual Writing

I do all my creative writing in a program called OmmWriter, it is a writing software developed specifically to help your brain be more creative. I’m sure some people can write in Words or something similar, but for me the “blank” screen in the OmmWriter program helps me to keep my attention on the writing for longer. When I finish a writing session, I copy my work to Words, to use the spell and grammar check there and to edit the layout. When I write the words just come tumbling out and I pay very little attention to my spelling, there are time where I haven’t edited the writing straight away, and when I come back to it a few days later, I have a hard time figuring out what some of the words are supposed to be. So do a first edit at the end of each writing session, take the time to read through it, you will catch some mistakes for sure.

I would go back and read older chapters a few weeks after I had written them, to look at them with fresh eyes. That lead to a lot of editing, when the writing is fresh in your mind, you just read what you know it is supposed to say, not what it really says. I also didn’t have a storyline plotted out, so I would sometimes find things that no longer matched where the story had taken me, so I probably did more editing than someone with the whole story planned out in advance.

I see so many different articles with conflicting messages about what you should write: Write what you know. Write for the market. Write with a specific reader in mind. I can’t tell you which one is right, or if any of them are. My advise would be to write whatever you feel like or write what you can. I would have loved to write the next great literary work, to publish a Crime and Punishment or The Old Man And The Sea. But this was the first novel I ever attempted to write, so I wanted it to be a “beginner” book. For me, a thriller fit that. First, I read a lot of thriller and horror myself. I love Stephen King and Mark Edwards in this genre, I read everything they publish. Second, you can get away with a shorter novel in the thriller genre, and you can write it in simple English. No one expect a thriller to be written in prosaic language, people want a more realistic language. For someone like myself, who is writing in my second language, that is a big deal. My English is not prosaic, I don’t use a lot of long words, I don’t use a lot of synonyms. With all that in mind, I knew a thriller would suit me best. For me, I wrote what I could write. I wrote to become a better writer and to work on my skills. You have to find out why you want to write, that will tell you what you should write.


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