Time Management

I know that everyone has a busy life, some people even have a hectic life, so finding time to write can seem daunting. For a large part though, it does come down to priorities. I had set myself the goal to write every day, and I knew that wouldn’t happen, but I wanted it to be my goal so that I would strive for that. My job can be very demanding, and at times I work 18-20 hours a day, on my feet, busy. For the few hours I have off, I just want to eat, sleep and maybe shower. There was no way to write those days, I knew that, and I didn’t feel guilty, but I did tell myself to make up for those days when things quieted down. There was also a couple of days were I had the time, but just didn’t have it in my to write. I allowed myself to take those days off as well, but only if they met a certain criteria: Was it because there was something else I would rather do? Then no, I had to choose writing. Was it because I was tired or had a head ache? Then no, I would let myself write a shorter amount than usual, but I still had to do something. Was it because I hated the book and everything in it and wanted to hurl my laptop in to the sea just so I would never have to deal with it again? Then yes, I was allowed to take a day off. I didn’t want to come to a point where I hated writing, or hated the book. The times I did take a day off from it, I did return with much more energy and enthusiasm the following day, and would usually get a lot of words written.

I wrote the book in four month, while holding down a demanding full time job. The book is on the shorter side, so if you are contemplating writing a saga, give yourself longer. But set strict goals, it will motivate you. My goals was to write 500 words a day, some days that was easy and I would write 1200 without breaking a sweat. Other days it would take hours of grueling work to write 350. I wanted to keep the average of 500 though, and I managed. It wasn’t always fun, and you will have to give up some of your social life. The people I lived with thought I was a hermit, and always tried to tell me to come out with them. I said I would join them, once I had my 500 words. Usually I would be too tired after writing, and would go to bed. It is draining to write, it was for me at least, I would feel exhausted at times. But I would feel good that I got something achieved, I would feel that I day I had written 800 words, I could go to bed feeling proud about myself.

I made the book a priority, again and again. Turned down invites to go out, stop watching TV almost completely – Netflix can be a time drainer, and even stopped reading as much as I would like to do. For me it was worth it, you have to make the decision, is your desire to write this book strong enough that you can give up your free time?


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