Just write that book already!

That is really the one and only advise that is true for every aspiring writer, just write. It might sound easier said than done, but that is what worked for me; I sat down and wrote.

I have been writing short stories and doing one creative writing course after the other for years, but I kept pushing off writing a book. I knew I wanted to, I have always wanted to be a writer, but I was waiting for inspiration to come to me. I felt as if I had to have to complete outline of the story, plots, characters, everything outlined before I could start writing. That never happened.

New Year 2016 I then made a resolution to myself: just write the book already…or at least try. I promised myself I would sit down in front of the computer every single day, even if I had to just stare at a blank screen, until the book was written. I did stare at that screen, a lot. I had a very vague outline of what I wanted to write: thriller, a protagonist who wants to write a book, something goes bang in the night. That was all I had thought off when I sat down January 1st, and I surprised myself how quickly the story took off from there.

Outside of writing, I’m a very organized person. I like list, love them. Schedules, colour coordinating  and time tables, that is all me. That is why I had this idea that the whole book had to be planned out before I put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard. Turns out, when I comes to writing, and unorganized, lasses-faire approach was what worked for me. I only did an outline when I was more than half way through the book! The characters kept doing things that surprised me, and the plot took me places I had never imagined. So this is my most important piece of advice, just sit down and write, something will come out of it… and there is always editing to straighten out the plot.


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